The year that was 2019

Happy New Year, everyone. I might be celebrating multiple new years as I’m flying across different time zones!

2019 is a year that I’m going to remember in many ways. I started working on two different platforms Oracle and OneStream. I started writing blog posts and even started scheduling them (I’ve blog posts scheduled to go out every week until the end of March 2020).

CPMInsights by numbers

I published 35 blog posts on various topics.

Compared to the previous blog (, the numbers are not that impressive. However, this is the year I started blogging like I used to, so I’m hoping that these will change in the coming years.

Where did you all come from?


I’m not surprised that the US and India are leading here. I’m amazed that people from Albania and Sweden are reading this blog. Thank you, everyone.

Let’s look at the cities now.

Bengaluru tops the chart (I did except that 🙂 ) I thought Fort Mill is going to be the second one (I did ask my wife to keep reading this, I think she didn’t listen 😉 )


There are some browsers that I didn’t know existed. FBAN (is Facebook in-app browser), Amazon Silk, UC browser, and so on.

Operating System

A Windows Phone and a Blackberry I’m impressed 🙂


iPhone followed by OnePlus (I did think about buying OnePlus 7 Pro, maybe next year).


These are how some of you found


Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the top 3 referral sites. 4th place goes to a special person whom I consider as an inspiration, mentor, friend, and older brother from completely different sets of parents. Thank you, Cameron.

Searches you performed on CPMInsights

That’s a wrap everyone. I’ll see you next year. If you are coming to Splash or KScope, do come and say hello.

Happy New year, you all. Be seeing you.

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