Export Error logs and Task Activity logs from OneStream – Quick Tip # 4 1

I’m continuing the quick tips series of OneStream with this blog post. Here is a quick one on how to export error and task activity logs and read them.

If you are wondering how to get the task activities/error logs into a file, you can do so by performing a right-click on the screen and use the export option, as shown below.

Export Task activity

Provide a name and location and save the file.

You can open the exported file with EXCEL, and that gives you a neat EXCEL file, as shown below.

Task activity in EXCEL

Now, if you notice the file only exported 50 rows of data, you can verify that by going to the last row in the Task Activity page.

They both match!

So the right-click “Export” option exports only the entries of the current page (as you can see, I do have 2 pages of task activity).

How do I get all the task activities? Well, you can export all the task activities using the load/extract option. You do so by navigating to System->Load/Extract

System Load/Extract

Once you are on the Extract tab, you can then select to extract Error log/Task Activity.

You can also apply a time filter to the activities. For this blog post, we are going to extract all the items.

Save the extracted XML file to a local folder. Here is how the XML output looks like.

Celvin, this is an XML file, what are we going to do with this? Didn’t we say analyze and table?

I would say this one provides us more than what we would have got from the earlier option. 🙂

The trick is to open the XML file with EXCEL!

Open the file with EXCEL and when you get a prompt like the one shown below, open it as an XML table.

There you go, all the activities are there in a (decent) table format, and you get more information than the previous option.

You get the following information from the XML.

  • version
  • uniqueID
  • taskActivityType
  • description
  • sessionID
  • user
  • application
  • numSubTasks
  • taskActivityStatus
  • useQueueing
  • queuedTime
  • queuedCPU
  • assignedTime
  • assignedCPU
  • startTime
  • startedCPU
  • appServer
  • currentSubTask
  • currentSubTaskDescription
  • lastActivityDescription
  • percentComplete
  • lastActivityTime
  • endTime
  • errorLogID
  • uniqueID2
  • taskActivityID
  • parentStepID
  • hasChildren
  • stepType
  • description3
  • startTime4
  • endTime5
  • threadId
  • processingInfo
  • errorLogID6

Compared to the following ones from right-click export.

  • Task Type
  • Description
  • Duration
  • Task Status
  • User
  • Application
  • Server
  • Queued Time
  • Assigned Time
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Last Activity Time
  • Queued CPU
  • Assigned CPU
  • Started CPU

I hope it helps. You can apply the same for Error logs/Log on Activity et.al

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One thought on “Export Error logs and Task Activity logs from OneStream – Quick Tip # 4

  • Jason Karber

    Great write up, and thank you for sharing. Another great use of the xml in Excel is exporting security. In the xml format you can quickly filter and assemble your user listing (usually including email). Same technique as you illustrated above, just for a different item.

    I love that OneStream makes this so easy!