Multi-Member selection in Cube View

Cube Views are OneStream’s webforms (a much flexible and powerful one).

If you think of user selection in cube views (or web forms), there are a few ways to make a user-driven member selection.

  • You have POVs which can be selected by a user.
  • You can let the user select a member from the combo box (for web forms, it can be pages or user-defined variables or both).

In all the cases stated above, you only got the option to select a single member. Yes, user-defined can have functions. However, I’m still considering them as single user selection.

What if the user wants to make a multiple-member selection for a cube view?

How is it done?

As of now, OneStream cannot perform multiple selections on the dashboard. However, I have got a feeling that this feature is coming soon.

Well, now how are we going to solve it if Multiple selections are not allowed.

Did I hear you asking how? Well, with a bit of imagination 🙂

What I did was to create an option to capture the selection.

Once you pick all your options, you save (if you chose an expansion option) and close the dialog box.

Use “Refresh Dashboard” to refresh the cube view with the selection.

To remove a selection, select the row you want to remove and use the right arrow to remove it.

The dashboard in action.

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