Freeze panes in OneStream Specialty Planning – Quick Tip # 14 1

I bet you didn’t know this. (if you did, then you are way smarter than I am, which you are either way)

My client wanted an option to freeze panes in Specialty Planning, and since I didn’t know, I asked them to file an enhancement request.

After a few days, I got a call from Steve Mebius, and he explained to me how to make it work. Apparently, Jeff Jones remembered about the enhancement when Steve asked the question, and he did let out the secret 😉

If you look at Specialty Planning, you might nearly miss it. There is a grey bar that you can drag to freeze panes.

Once you drag the bar, the columns behind the bar will be frozen in time 🙂

That is a useful feature if you are using more columns for data entry.

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