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Quick and Dirty Tips helps you to do things better and faster. I’ve written a few EPM tips on my other blog.

Here are a few tips for OneStream Business rule editor. If you’ve looked at the editor and found the appearance bit similar I feel, I did feel the same (like it is Visual Studio). The good thing is there are a few short cuts that you can use to make things a bit faster.

When you are in the editor, and you want to delete the entire line, you don’t need to select the whole line and then press delete.

Just use “Ctrl” + “L” (that’s it, two keys to delete the line). The better part is, it is removed and copied to the clipboard, so if you need it back, go to the line where you need it and paste away.

Similar to how you delete using Ctrl + L you can copy an entire line using “Ctrl” + “C,” all you got to do is not select anything 🙂

Be on the line which you want to copy and press Ctrl + C.

The next one is extremely useful if you got too many parentheses in your code. This shortcut helps you find out which one is the matching parenthesis and moves the cursor to the end or beginning.

All you got to do is use “Ctrl” + “].”

Add one more key to the mix, and that will give you an interesting option. Shift + Ctrl + ] will allow you to highlight everything in between the parenthesis.

Ctrl+Space – Shows the Intellisense window for that specific item (use when you want to see Intellisense, of course, after you lost it by moving away 😉 ).

Space – Autofill from the Intellisense when you are in Intellisense window.

Ctrl+U – Change to lowercase

Shift+Ctrl+U – Change to Uppercase

Let’s say you have a rule with a lot of functions and you need to copy a full function. You can use “Ctrl” + “M” to collapse classes/regions/functions/subroutines. It makes it very easy to read the code or show a single function/subroutine.

I’ve always missed the “Ctrl” + “G,” which is quite useful if you want to go to a line directly. OneStream does this differently.

If you type a string, “Find Next” button gets activated.

find next

If you type a number, “Find Next” and “Go to Line” buttons get enabled.

go to line

Hope it helps.

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