OS Parameter fun – Quick Tip # 11

Parameters play a significant role in the OneStream world. You can use parameter in a cube view, in a dashboard, in a form, parameter here a parameter there. (Hahaha)

What we are going to discuss today is how to show Name (Value Item) and Description (Display Item).

First, let’s look at a Member List parameter; it allows you to provide the user with a list of the members from a dimension.

By default, it shows Name and Description. If you want to show the Member names, you can change the Display Member to “Name.”

What about just showing the Description? Change Name to “Description.”

What about Name and Description? Use NameAndDescription or leave it blank.

Now that was easy. What about referring to this parameter in another component?

Let’s add a label to this dashboard and show which entity is selected. I know you are going to ask it is already there why bother. It is just an example to show how to switch between the display items and value items.

That is how you refer a parameter in other components |!param name!|. By default, the value of the parameter is displayed or passed.

What if you want to show the display item, not the value? Here is the trick, you can use two exclamations to do so(|!!param name!!|).

Here is how it displays/passed to the dashboard.

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