Where are Groovy functions in

Now don’t ask me what version is. If you’ve not read about it, there are plenty of articles out there which talks about this release.

There is no supported upgrade path for this release, and you’ll have to create new applications if you are planning to move to this release.

I did install this new version on my Virtual box image and was planning to write a blog post on an On-Prem Groovy calculation.

All on a sudden I found that my favorite functions in the whole wide world are not present anymore. First I thought of refreshing custom functions from the Planning interface, then I thought of checking the size of calcmgrcdf.jar file

That seems like a tiny jar file. Something is wrong; this doesn’t feel like the latest version. I then decided to check the version of Calc Manager and found this!!

I think that was the version number of PS4 release, which means it is an old version of Calc Manager that got shipped with You would have thought “Hey, it is it must be coming with the latest version of all products”. You are wrong.

Since that was confirmed, all I wanted to know was whether I could patch it to the latest Calc Manager version (.013). To err on the safe side, I did take a snapshot of my virtual box image and decided to patch Calc Manager, Essbase RTC, and Planning.

Calc Manager patch

Patching was successful, and while applying the patches I found out that almost all products are PS4 versions, none of them are the latest versions.

Essbase version

Woohoo, that seems all right. Now everything is back to normal 🙂

Here are my favorite functions @CalcMgrGroovyString and @CalcMgrGroovyNumber

If you are on and cannot find any Calc Manager CDF functions, you now know what is wrong and how to fix it.

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