Throwing my hat in the ring

It’s that time of the year, elections!!

Well, I’m not talking about US elections, there is still time for that 😉

As some of you might be aware, yesterday was the last day to submit the nominations for ODTUG Board and a few people convinced me to send the nomination. I was scared to do so and that why it did require some convincing.

Here is my campaign statement.

Campaign Statement

I’ve been actively engaged – and loving every moment of it — with ODTUG since 2012.  I’ve worked on content committees, panels, and spoken multiple times at KScope. Whatever I can do, whenever I can do it, however, I can do it, I promote ODTUG because of what ODTUG is:  a volunteer organization dedicated to you, your knowledge, and your career.  Without question, becoming an ODTUG member, attending Kscope, and working with my fellow ODTUGers has made an outsized impact on what I do for a job.  I know it has for you too.
I was hoping you could help me continue my passion of sharing and giving back to the community by working with you and for you by becoming a member of the ODTUG board.  I’ve learned much from ODTUG, now it is time to repay the debt, and I can do that through your support.
I have deep and ongoing relationships with Oracle product management and developer groups.  My name is well recognized by the Essbase and Planning Oracle, product development team and I’ve worked closely with Prasad Kulkarni, Vice President Development – Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, Suren Seshadri, Senior Director EPM development, Sree Menon, Senior Director Calculation Manager development. 
Technology, as we know, is changing rapidly within EPM and outside EPM, and I believe that my curiosity and work that spans multiple technologies means that I’ll be able to help members from each and every ODTUG community; I may come from the EPM space, but I know that Directors support all members across all technologies.

I seek your support in continuing my efforts to help you all. Vote for me.

I’ll need your help in winning this election, won’t you be helping me?

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