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We talked about text aggregation, and it’s time now to look at the same information differently.

In the earlier post, I did mention that things will get out of hand real quick if the parent has many base members. Concatenating strings from 100s of members is not going to be easy on the eye.

Dashboard solution for Stage Blend

In this post, we are going to look at a dashboarding solution for showing the text and value attributes. We are going to use cube views, data adapters, and dashboards to create the solution

Cube view

A cube view similar to the one in Part I is used and this time I’m not going to use the Stage Blend members.

Cube view with one data column

In cube views, you can bound the members to parameters, and I’m going to utilize that option to perform a drill.

I created two parameters of the type “Input Value,” and I’m going to use that in the cube view.

Dashboard parameters

When you click a data cell in the cube view, these bound parameters gets filled with the current member.

Data adapter

From the bound parameter, I know which Entity, Account, and UD1 member are clicked. The account information is coming from the POV.

Data adapter with a method query

I’m passing the members to the business rule, and that information is used to query the Stage view.

I’m using a similar logic from the previous blog post. Instead of using the default blend functions, I’m using a SQL query to get the information I need from the view.

Line 92-97 is where I’m totaling Ounces and Population information.


Instead of text aggregation, I’m taking a different approach of showing all the base members with their text information.

Attribute values are summed up and shown as a single row.

Stage Blend details for East and 40_010

Here is the whole solution in action.

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