Kscope’19 – Day 4

Day 4 started with Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Enterprise Planning lead by Mark Rinaldi and Muthu Rangnathan.

What’s new in Workforce
Employee dimension
You can modify the modules!!
BYOCA introduced in 18.02
You add your own drivers
Integration to Financial was covered in detail
Documentation – monthly release notes

If you are not on Cloud Customer Connect, then please join. Customers, Consultants, and PM all are collaborating in this space.

Next stop was the most exciting session I attended. Essbase and Docker – Jason Jones. I like to think about containers as a lightweight VMs.

He has amazing work to give us a perfect Essbase docker image
That’s all you’ve to do to run an image
Cattle, not pets!!

He is a maniac, he installed Essbase multiple times, found out what files (java versions) are not used and deleted them ? to reduce the size of the image.

A special cameo – Tim Tow showing us Docker on windows.

I went to Women in Technology (WIT) lunch. It was an enjoyable experience, and I’m glad I did it. We discussed the issues that Women face in our work environment.

I went to the Partner meeting, there were a lot many people than I expected. 2 years back it was not like that. I cannot talk about what we discussed there, however you’ll see those changes in the following months/years.

End of Day 4 or is it really the end?

Word hard Play hard

Look at the creativity!!!!

Chirs Barbieri as Ghostbuster

I couldn’t attend Day 5 – Deep dives, as I had some personal matter that needed attention. It is/was an amazing conference, and I missed you all!!!

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