Kscope’19 – Day 3

Did I tell you that I’ll be live blogging Kscope’19? Well I was lying when I did that, I don’t think I can live blog, there is way too much my little brain can take 🙁

We are on Day 3 (On this blog – Kscope’19 is already over, and I’m writing this from the airport waiting for my flight.)

Day 3 started with more feature sessions. (well I did wake up, took a shower, and had breakfast – that is not the point. However, I’m just saying that I did those.)

First one was done by Mark Rinaldi, Muthu Rangnathan, and Marc Seewald.

EPM Stand there will be only 1 Open Cube for BSO and ASO, 5 Modules for BSO and 1 for ASO. If you are someone who is going to create more custom cubes, then Enterprise Cloud is the way to go.

If you didn’t hear this loud and clear earlier here, I’m repeating it, “Groovy is going to stay.”

Project planning is getting new/enhanced capabilities.

Period 13 coming, retailers rejoice 😉

What is coming in the Workforce module (yes it is official – it is a “module”)

Strategic Modeling (soon to be called Scenario modeling, or it is already)

Next, I went to attend What’s up and coming in EPM Cloud, and Shankar Viswanathan gave a brief overview of what to expect.

Muthu was on a roll, and I have got this twitter thread unrolled 😉 You can look at more slides here on Free form planning and cross EPM cloud connection.

Another thread roll from Muthu on What’s coming in EPM Cloud Platform.

 If you are wondering about the head in Muthu’s tweets, that is none other than Cameron Lackpour.

EPM architecture

With free form, you get one app one cube; you can go crazy and create unlimited free form cubes.

UI is changing, JET is here (or coming fast)

Web grids are redesigned to give much better performance.

A look at Quick Analysis, (web grid that you see after the quick analysis is not the new one (slide above).

I’m not sure how this will be used. I don’t know, think about this scenario where you perform a member reference on a data cell. Now imagine the member name gets added to a cell when it should be a number. Not sure. ?


Smooth migration of FR reports to MR.

Chatbots are coming to take over 🙂

We got to see Flex forms in action, and flex forms are the ones which imported to Smart View will let you perform most of the EXCEL  actions like sorting, filtering. It’ll let you save the data even all that too.

We saw the new dashboard designer, and you can see the new web grids also in action.

Next stop – Lunch and Learn

Edward Roske, Gary Crisci, Chris Barbieri, Erik Erikson, Gary Adashek

There were some funny questions too, like what do you think about GOT final season!!!!

Next stop –  Changing face of EPM

It was an exciting session for me as someone who is now dealing with two different technology trying to solve the same problem, and I got to hear from the customers about what they think about the multi-vendor ecosystem.

Puppies!!!!!! I was struggling with my urge to adopt one.

All the puppies were adopted (if you were wondering).

I went to attend some events on Day 3, and the best one was the Applied OLAP event.

Cameron Lackpour, Celvin Kattookaran, Alex Ladd, Lee Ann Spencer

A little cuteness to end the day.

Be seeing you.

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