Kscope’19 – Day 2 1

Day 2 started with the general session. Natalie Delemar, President of ODTUG, started the session and introduced the people behind the world’s most fantastic conference. I was distracted and didn’t take many pictures :(. In my defense – I was finishing up Day 1 blog posts (4 of them ?).

Teal Sexton from ODTUG leadership program(now part of the board) speaking

We met with the members of leadership program.

Keynote speaker was Jason Latimer. He started off with a card trick and then went on to mesmerize the whole crowd.

Gary Crisci, on stage taking notes for Jason. I kept telling myself that “Oh I know this trick!”, I was lying to myself.

Kscope’19 Content Chair – Opal Alapat, ODTUG President – Natalie Delemar, and Kscope’20 Content Chair – Kevin McGinley

Kscope is going to Boston next year.

The venue after Boston, KScope’21 was also announced and it is going to be Nashville.

After the general session, I went to Tim German’s and Jorge Rimblas’s session on building an EAS using Apex.

We got to see swagger UI in action. That is great documentation. You can run the code from the documentation itself by changing the parameters.

I think I do know what my next side project is going to be ;).

It was an exciting session. Meeting friends is always fun, you never know how time flies when you are in good company, and that’s exactly what happened (No sense of time). We (Tim German, Cameron Lackpour, Pete Nitschke, and I) were engaged in a conversation and missed a session we all intended to attend. I went and had lunch with International Order of Oracle Millenials.

Dan Gagnon with a funny quote
another funny one from IOOM lunch

After lunch I went to attend Matt Milella’s OAC Roadmap presentation.

Augmented data enrichment

EPM DEV Q&A with Shankar, Manish, Suren, Venu, and Shaji from Oracle.

Lots of questions on new pricing model 🙂

11.2 planned features

I got see the planned features for 11.2 on-prem release.

I was looking forward to attend the most amazing meetup – Cameron and Natalie’s Meetup. However, I couldn’t as I had a migraine. (lack of sleep and coffee). That’s a wrap of Day 2. Be seeing you.

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