Kscope’19 – Day 1 Part IV

We are on to Part IV of Day 1.

Here is Smart view multi grid in action.

Task Manager in action

Single Reporting Application integrations in action.

All knowing orb (Predictions) is coming to Planning.

As I was saying earlier, there are two flavors to it. The first one I got a feeling that it is Crystal Ball behind the scenes.

It predicts your number, and if you like it, you can save the data, what I heard (and I do not understand anything about data science) that the accuracy of >70% is excellent.

We are going to see a bit of Sales Planning prediction, are you going to win this or are you going to —– it!!!

The second flavor is integrating with 3rd party ML providers.

We are almost done, the last but not the least is Narrative Reporting.

You can use ConditionalText to add intelligent narration.

Sample report with intelligent narration

Woo hoo, that’s a wrap people!!! Finally done with Day 1. On wards

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