Kscope’19 – Day 1 Part III

We are marching towards Part III. Here is the recap

Kscope’19 – Day 1 Part I

Kscope’19 – Day 1 Part II

Essbase encryption at REST level.

Mass actions in Planning.

Some interesting features include

Cross pod Data Maps

Automated Predictions


Real-time collaboration

EPM bots!!

Welcome Essbase SaaS or Free form Planning

It is nothing like Planning; there are no required dimensions. Import Essbase outlines if this is not Essbase SaaS what else is 🙂

Automated Prediction coming, we’ll see two flavors of this more on this later.

Smart view in a browser, Smart view in MacOS, and Smart view in Office 365, this was hiding in June release, and it is now getting official.

You need to create a Manifest file; you can pick and choose which buttons you need, no more custom ribbons!!!

All Oracle products are getting a facelift; all are getting a botox 😉

If you are at Kscope, please try and attend these sessions.

I’m going to these for sure.

If you recollect the pricing models, here is what you get with those models.

You’ll be seeing a new welcome screen from now onwards.

If you enable Planning and Financial Consolidation and Close, you’ll get two PODs (environments?).

EPM Enterprise Cloud

When you create a Planning app, you’ll get three options

  1. Custom – the custom applications that you’ll create in Enterprise Cloud
  2. Freeform planning
  3. Modules – modules that come with Enterprise Cloud

You can use EXCEL builder to create free form planning. What I heard is that you can create eight attributes from EXCEL builder. I’m not sure whether that is because it is done from EXCEL builder.

Smart view enhancements are coming.

EPM Task Manager

Single Reporting application

You can add integrations to move data from a GL application to Consolidation/Forecast.

Automated Narrative reporting

Synchronize between PODS done easy.

You are going to see more and more Groovy!!

That’s all 16 lines of code to synchronize PODs.

I’m not done yet, wait for Part IV of Day 1. We are already in Day 2 😉

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