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When I started writing (working) about (on) OneStream, I began with Dashboards, and I’m going to continue that theme.
A friend of mine from the EPM world was once wondering about some inbuilt reporting capabilities of EPM, and he was not satisfied with the out-of-box options.
I was telling him that it is there in OneStream, and I’ll write about OneStream standard reports, and it took me almost a year to write about it.

OneStream’s MarketPlace is like the iPhone AppStore; you can go ahead and find applications you want from there.

In this case, we are looking at “Reporting” solution category. We are going to look at the following.

  • Standard Application reports
  • Standard System Reports
MarketPlace – Reporting category

You can select the reporting solution and download them to your local machine.

Standard Application Reports
Standard System Reports

A quick note on the Versioning of these solutions.

PV is for Program version, which is the least OneStream version where the solution can be installed.

SV is for Solution version, which is the version of the current solution.

There were changes made to this solution when I first started writing this blog post, so now you know that these MarketPlace solutions are alive and kicking.

Once downloaded, you can install these solutions by navigating to Application -> Load/Extract, point to the zip file and load.

Standard App report upload

Some of the most of the MarketPlace solutions require a setup after uploading the solution. You can navigate to the setup page by selecting the dashboard from OnePlace. If this is the first time you are opening the dashboard (which it’ll be), it’ll automatically navigate you to the setup page.

Setup completion

Once setup up is completed, you’ll be taken to the main dashboard (not the setup page) every time you click on “Application Reports” from OnePlace -> Dashboards -> Application Reports (RPTA)

You can click on Launch solution (for the first time) or click on the Application Reports to start looking at the standard reports.

There are a lot of reports that come by default, and I’ll not be covering each of them in this blog post.

The one I’m interested in is the Metadata change audit report. You can select a report group, and all the reports associated with the selected group will show up in the bottom left corner window.

Metadata change audit

I’m looking at the Member change Audit, and you can see that I did add a new scenario member.

Metadata Analysis

You can also perform some analysis on what dimension changes happened within the last 30 days. I would love to see these dashboards becoming interactive where I can see click on the dimension node change bar, and it’ll open a new grid view with what has changed.

What I described above is possible in OneStream, I’m lazy and want some else to do my work ?

You can upload the Standard System reports by uploading them to Application -> Load/Extract.

I know you got a burning question. Let it out.

“Celvin, it says system report and why are we uploading that as Application Reports?” ? that is the way it works now. Trust me I’m a doctor ?

System reports

Once uploaded, you can view the System dashboards by navigating to System -> Dashboards.

System dashboards

You can look at some system reports, as shown below.

I did keep the Security Audit report from the previous version of Standard Reports as all of the security reports are not part of the new solution.

I couldn’t cover them all. However, I hope you get the picture on how to utilize the Standard Reports in OneStream.

Be seeing you 🙂

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5 thoughts on “OneStream Dashboards – an insight into default application/system dashboards

  • Avinash

    Can you tell us how do we download onestream application, for epm we go to edelivery. . So is there any such website to download the application?

    • ckattookaran Post author

      You can download it from the MarketPlace; the link to access it is included in the post. If you’ve access, then you can download the software from there.

      • Avinash

        Yeah, I have gone through it but I cannot see options to download. All I can see is a description about the product. Am I missing something? Can you please help me to download.

  • Avinash

    As I’m a new user I don’t have any account in Onstream and even my company has no relation(not partner) with Onestream. I just want to explore the tool by myself. Is this possible? To explore do we need to be the partner for Onestream for Sure?