New direction!!

CPMInsights is taking a new direction, and with it, I’m too 😉
Some of you already know, some of you don’t, for those of you who don’t I’m back to the Oracle world.

When I say back to the Oracle world, that doesn’t mean back to only Oracle world. The landscape of EPM/CPM has changed a lot; it is not a “single product” world anymore.

I’m joining MindStream Analytics as a Principal Consultant and will be working on both OneStream and Oracle products from now. I consider myself lucky enough that I’m going to work under someone whom I admire, whom I can call a friend, who will take a bullet for me is going to be my manager :):):). You can hear about it from the horse’s mouth.

You might be seeing this mixed content on this blog from now; it is going to cover EPM and CPM topics from now onwards.

My older, smarter, and not as good looking 😉 brother from a completely different set of parents and I are going to Kscope’19.

If you are around, please say hi to both of us.

I’m hoping to do live blogging Kscope’19.

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