Monitoring a OneStream Environment

Have you ever wondered whether you could perform live monitoring of your CPM cloud instance when you are running a process?

OneStream makes this process a breeze!!! It is as easy as selecting your servers, selecting the metrics, and go.

Here you how you can perform live monitoring on a OneStream XF instance (cloud/on-prem).

Navigate to System-> Environment

Use settings to change/add metrics/ add servers

From “General” tab update the frequency, and time range. I’ll leave Y-Axis and Secondary Y-Axis as default.

Choose the servers you want to monitor from “Monitoring” tab.

Once the servers are selected, choose the metrics you want to monitor using the “Metrics” tab.

You can choose the metrics from different server sets using the “Filter Type”. Once you are done with the selection, you can use “Monitoring” to see live monitoring of all the selected metrics.

You can then perform an automatic refresh using the play icon.

Selecting the individual server from available list of servers, will then show the Environment metrics and the ones that are specific for the selected server.

Hope it helps.

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