Kscope’19 – Day 0 1

You might be wondering day 0, what does that even mean!!

Well, the official start is tomorrow today (Sunday). However, there are some folks like us who comes early before all the craziness begins.

Peter Nitschke (http://essbasedownunder.com/), Cameron Lackpour (http://thetruthaboutcpm.com/), Justin Biard, Ahmed Hafez (https://hyperionjedi.com/), and Jake Turell (http://turrellconsulting.com/blog/)

I was feeling all nostalgic about this trip and even called it a family reunion (if I go by Cameron, it’s a family reunion without the fights ?)

I started early and met with Cameron at Seattle. What you are seeing is the crazy waiting for luggage, mine took more than 30 minutes to show up. That’s my head in the left bottom corner (thanks to Cameron!!)

We went to our hotels, met with old friends (Amarnath and few others that I cannot remember, sorry all) and went on a little adventure to find out where Cameron’s parent lived 58 years ago. It was a fun trip, and we found where his Mom worked and kind of found the place where the old apartment was. Thanks, Cameron for letting me tag along, also a big hug to his Mom for welcoming me to the family.

Now I got two readers – my wife and Cameron’s Mom ?

We had a wonderful lunch at Geraldine’s Counter. If you don’t know, Cameron loves diners ?

We had time to spare before registrations and decided to visit the museum of flight. It was a fantastic museum if you have a thing for planes.

That’s Cameron musing whether he can fly one.

Oracle ACED (alumni for now) meets ACE. Why are you still stuck on the Stud part ?

I liked the “Essence of an ACE.” It takes skill, courage (sometimes you are technically wrong, and you still got the courage to put that up on a blog), and determination (devoting a lot of time and keep doing it for long).

Here is a much more full view.

Here is Cameron in deep thoughts, or is he still

secretly admiring the “big stud.”

We got to see a lot of planes (even the one Cameron’s dad helped design Boeing 727). For a moment I got to think that I’m the president of the United States when I got into SAM 970.

We were off to register for the excellent conference in the whole wide world.

After registrations, we went to dinner and met more friends. It is always fun.

Cameron Lackpour, Natalie Delemar, Angie Wilcox, Peter Nitschke, your obedient servant, and Tim German (www.cubecoder.com).

After dinner, I went to see a friend of mine (not from the Hyperion world) and was back in my hotel after midnight. Yes, the craziness is beginning.

That’s a wrap of Day 0. Be seeing you.

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