Dependent dropdown list in OneStream – Quick Tip # 6

There were many times I wished this functionality existed in almost all products. It is so much easy to prevent a lot of user error if you can limit the scope of what they can choose.

Think about this as a controlled approach where you can select a value from a dropdown, then the second dropdown’s contents automatically adjust according to the first selection.

Yep, that is correct; you are looking at valid combinations. In OneStream, you can achieve a valid combination in a lot of different ways. You can add slice security (think cell-level security), or data cell conditional input (cell-level conditional input access).

I’m taking a different approach as this solution is a dashboarding solution and would require two dropdowns.

I went ahead and created a dashboard solution to capture my valid combination.

I created 3 parameters to record the information.

  1. Geography parameter
  2. Product parameter
  3. Group parameter

Do you know that you can use a method query to pull in the groups and use that as a dropdown list? Yes you can, yes you can

In my case, I’m filtering the groups only to show the ones that are related to AVBS groups and all users (Everyone).

It’s now time to record some valid intersections (combinations).

Here is the final list of all valid intersections.

Now let’s add these into a dashboard and take a look.

Pennsylvania is showing only the ones that are relevant to PA.

The same thing with South Carolina, it is only showing the relevant products.


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