Updated H2O Converter

Oh no, this is not about converting water to wine or fog to vodka. If you are here looking for some a miracle, then you are in the wrong place.

This post is about an updated version of H2O Converter.

Hyperion to OneStream converter is a “Make your consultant life easier” tool. As the name implies, it helps you convert a Hyperion (Planning/Essbase) application into a OneStream application. The tool is intended to use as a starting platform only. (It means you cannot just use this tool to convert the application and be done with it :)) Both software tries to solve the problem in multiple ways and they are different, do keep that in mind when you use this utility.

Any recommendations provided here are not validated by OneStream software. Please read the disclaimer section of this blog site. I hope you did read it, now that you are back I need to reiterate that all contents on this blog are mine and are not a reflection of OneStream Software or any other corporation.

The old version of H2O Converter had issues when your dimension name had an underscore character in it. Thanks to Srini Reddy for pointing this out.

This issue has been fixed now. Also, the exception logging is improved.

You can read about the H2O converter here.

You can download the H2O converter using this link.

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