OneStream business rule encryption – Quick Tip # 13

OneStream came up with an exciting feature in 5.0.4 release. You can encrypt the business rules.

At that time, I was wondering why this feature, then I quickly realized the power of this. The whole script is encrypted! And you, as a consulting firm, can secure your IP if you need to.

If you look at Hyperion MaxL encryption, it only encrypts the user credentials, and you can easily copy it and then use it for “other purposes.” I always wished/asked/expressed this idea for quite a long time. 🙁

Now how are you going to use it?

You can encrypt any Business rule – doesn’t differentiate between the types 😉

Before you can encrypt the rules, you need to enable who can encrypt rules from application security roles.

If set to “Nobody,” even an administrator can’t encrypt rules.

Once you add the appropriate group, you should see something similar.

Let’s see what happens if we encrypt the rule.

Once encrypted, you won’t be able to see the contents. It will just show “Business Rule is encrypted” in the formula tab. The icons will change to show that the rule is encrypted.

To view the contents/decrypt the rule, you need to pass the password 🙂

What happens if we export the rule. It is encrypted there as well. (I had to check 😉 )

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