Row number in Hyperion Financial Reporting – Quick Tip # 7

I never thought I’d be writing a blog post on Hyperion Financial Reporting in 2020!

However, here we are. HFR is still used and loved by the financial community.

I got this question from someone who was looking to add row numbers to an HFR report.

I was like, “This should be something like an in-built function. However, it is not”. The second thought was, “Why cannot we use the Rank function to achieve the same.”

Trial 1

Here is a sample report in Financial Reporting Web Studio with the Rank function.

Well, that is not what I was looking for.

Trial 2

Now you know that you want to have a column that has the same value for all rows to get consistent row numbers. I thought of creating a member in Essbase and use that in the report. However, I went with a formula column.

Column B is a formula column, and the value is 0. This renders column B as 0.

Now, my Rank function is a bit different from the previous one. (I don’t need a non-numeric check since B is always 0)

If you are wondering how I got the rows to show up after row headings, here is a trick to do that.

In the grid properties, you can tell where the row heading must show. I selected to add them before Column B.

Here is the result, Row numbering in HFR. Easy peasy.

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