OneStream 5.2 is released

OS 5.2 is out. Well, it was released on 10/11/2019. I did get a chance to install it and started playing with it. You’ll see those as blog posts in the coming weeks/months.

I do consider 5.2 version as a significant release, don’t take me lightly when I say this one packs a punch.

The other day I was watching “Made by Google” event, and I thought 4 new latest innovations all in a phone, Google is upping the game.

Then came 5.2 and this one got more features.

  • BI Viewer for Dashboards – you can now create dashboards as easily as dragging and dropping different components
  • BI Blend Engine – a new engine to enhance transaction analytics capabilities. It uses a columnar database behind the scene and also generates the dimension tables for a multi-dimensional (like) analysis. I hope OS follows up with a patch that allows us to load dimensions that are part of the transactional analysis into a table than OneStream (for the blend, of course)
  • Table Views – this one allows you to query the relational tables in the Spreadsheet app. Yes, it does allow you to write back as well, and to top it off, you can control the writes!
  • Pivot Grids – Of course, it allows you to pivot. You can also create a heat map/conditional formatting, add calculated fields and lot more.
  • REST API comes to OS! I was personally looking forward to this one. You need to have an external authentication that allows OAuth.
  • Many improvements to the existing functionalities.

I told you so; it does pack a punch.

I’m excited to start playing with it.

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