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Introducing MindStream toolbox!!

I love the toolbox that I got in my garage. However, most of the time, I cannot find them when I need them, and then a frantic search happens next. After that, yelling at my wife and blaming it on her happens. (doesn’t always follow the same order)

Once she finds it, I go ahead as if nothing happened and moves on with my work. 🙂

Hehehe, I know some of you might fall into what I just explained above. I cannot help you find the garage toolbox.

However, we came up with the idea of a Consultant toolbox at MindStream to help your consulting challenges and making life easier (not personal :)).

We are releasing two wrenches that help you with a couple of OS challenges. You’ll see OneStream utilities and Oracle utilities at the following URL https://www.mindstreamanalytics.com/toolbox.html or use the menu item (“Toolbox“) on the MindStream site.

For the first release, we got

  • SPM – Specialty Planning Migration
  • MDE – Dashboard Extractor

You can download them by signing up (you’ll have to use your company email address).

As of now, the OS tools are planned to be like the MarketPlace apps, where you can download and upload them to your OS application. Configure the solution, and off you go.

Specialty Planning Migration

Those who have worked on Specialty Planning solutions have always looked at a way to migrate the apps to different environments, and SPM will do that for you.

As you can see from the picture above, SPM will list all the dashboard units present, and any dashboard units that are using a setup file (using relational tables) are valid candidates for migration. You select the dashboard units that are needed and migrate them.

SPM will then generate the SQL statements needed to replicate the tables, indexes, triggers, and data. Please go through the help file to know more about it.

Dashboard extractor

MDE simplifies dashboard extraction from OS. All you got to do is select the dashboards that you want to extract. MDE will scan all the objects used by the selected dashboards (components, parameters, adapters, and file resources) and extract them for you.

It can help you when migrating dashboards from one environment to another.

My favorite use of it is different, though.
I use it a lot as a starter kit. You do have an OS Online dashboard starter available in MarketPlace. I prefer to use this one, though :).

If I need to create a similar dashboard, all I do is take an extract of the dashboard, make changes to the components, and upload them: Tada, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

You can download them for free. Free as in free beer, or a free bird – free.

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