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First of all, I need to apologize to you, my dear reader. I was aiming high and still didn’t achieve much.

I wanted to blog every week for a year and fell short (2 months short. My last blog post was in June). Apologies for not updating this blog to your (or mine) expectations.

I got busy is fairly an understatement. However, I was enjoying the other things that got me busy. As you all know, we got hit by a pandemic. I was a part-time teacher, a full-time worker, a part-time gardener, and a part-time gamer. This blog obviously fell through the cracks.

The spirit was still there, and we three musketeers,

  • Tim German
  • Yours Truly
  • Cameron Lackpour

decided to set off on a new journey.

We are launching a podcast.

Other guests that will appear on the show, and we three will be talking about EPM (or rather anything we could talk about).

We got our first episode done and you can list to them on your choice of podcast app that you are using.

We are hoping that you’ll enjoy listening to us, just like how to enjoy reading our blogs. We do have a good line up of people who agreed to our boring conversations.

I even got a podcast microphone, and it was a flop right away. During our interview with our first guest, my microphone (everyone else was on their regular AirPods/headsets) failed. Bummer, I’m getting a new one and hoping that it’ll be better the next time.

You can follow EPM Conversations on Twitter.

If you are tied to Apple environment, you can follow the podcast here.

If you are tied to Google (like me) environment, you can follow the podcast here.

If you are a Spotify listener, then our conversations are available there as well.

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